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The files of Epic Mickey can be modified and played in Dolphin or on a modded Wii console. Below are some guides on manipulating the files. There are other ways to access game files, but below are some of the suggested methods. 

Note: This article assumes that you already possess a legally-obtained copy of Epic Mickey. Piracy is illegal and not endorsed by this wiki. 

Obtaining a WBFS/ISO file of the gameEdit

If you have a Wii console with Homebrew and a copy of the game, you can extract the game to a hard drive. To learn how to mod your Wii, click here. If you've already done that and you want to create a backup of your game, click here for more info on using USB Loader GX. 

Converting WBFS to ISOEdit

If you backed up your game disc using the above method, you will likely find a WBFS file in the "wbfs" folder on the hard drive that you connected to your Wii console. In some cases, you may prefer to have it in the ISO format. To convert the file, use WiiBackupManager

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